Wordfence plugin – Protect your wordpress site from Attacks and viruses

Wordfence security plugin for wordpress sites
Today there is the big challenge to protect your WordPress site from the hackers. Unwanted attacks and viruses can hurt your site’s reputation. So i suggest you a WordPress plugin named Wordfence for your WordPress site to prevent these attacks. Wordfence plugins includes a firewall, virus scanning, real-time traffic with geolocation. Wordfence is free plugin.


Support Multiple WordPress site
File’s integrity verification and repair.
Scanning for known malware and phishing URL’s in all your files, comments, pages and posts.
provide a firewall that includes blocking common security threats like fake Google crawlers, malicious scan from hackers. it also includes P whitelisting and IP blocking.
Login’s security.
Password strength verification, comment impersonation protection.
Provides ability to block users and robots who break security rules.
Monitor your DNS security for unauthorized DNS changes.
Wordfence is 100% free. Wordfence also offer a Premium API key that provides some additional scanning capabilities. Active support forum and email support for paid customers. For more information about Wordfence and how to install it, Click here.