Instant messaging for smartphones: WeChat versus WhatsApp

WeChat and WhatsApp, both are the free instant messaging application provides multimedia communication with text messaging. On here we are trying to compare both applications with each other.





Group Messaging:WeChat is restricted to 40 members. (You can create a group up to 40 members)Whatsapp is restricted to just 30 members. (You can create a group up to 30 members)
Video CallWeChat supports Video Call function over WiFi or 3G networks Not available
Emotion iconsYou can take any image of your choice, convert, save and send it as an emoticon!You can use only whatsapp’s emotions only.
  wechat whatsapp
Social MediaThe app supports social network integration and you can link WeChat to your Facebook profilesYou can integrate your Facebook profile.
Look Around feature Using the Look Around feature, you can look at the active WeChat users in a particular area and connect with them.Not available
Some Other FeaturesThere are several fun features:

Drift Bottle:


You can throw bottles into the sea with voice or test message (once the drift bottle feature is activated) and someone from anywhere in the world will pick it! You can pick others bottles too



Users can just activate the feature and proceed to shake their phone. As they do that, if there’s anyone else anywhere in the world shaking their phones at that instant, their names will pop up on your list! Connect and start chatting!


Not available
SupportWeChat is available on Android,  iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, and Symbian platforms.




WhatsApp is supported on Android, BlackBerry, iPhone, Nokia, and Windows smartphones.(All Android phones running the Android 2.1 and above, all Blackberry devices running OS 4.7 and later, and all iPhones running iOS 4.3 and later.

Note: Some Dual SIM devices may not be compatible with Whatsapp, though there are some workarounds for this.

Whatsapp does not support calling over WiFi or 3G networks whereas WeChat supports video calling and you can see other while talking. In the Wechat apps, you can record your message by pressing the “Hold to Talk” button whereas you can’t use this feature in the Whatsapp.