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    Some time it’s very hard to figure out whats exactly going wrong when we get Error “Ambiguous match found”.
    Because this issue you will seen when you publish code on server even your development code working fine and see you proper output.

    I face this problem today and after a lot of googling I figure out the best way to overcome this issue is that,
    When you work with a website project then very first you need to convert it in Web Application Project

    Follow the following Steps

    1. Select your page on which you are getting Ambiguous match found issue.
    2. Right Click and Select “Convert to Web Application”

    as soon as you select this, it will display the actual error. Most of the time this issue happen because of control id conflict with variable name on server site.


    You can easily find the ambiguous match on the affected .aspx page by ‘Check Accessibility’ option (Just right click on that .aspx page). Dialog model box will open, check all options and click ok button. You can find warning or error with the exact element name which is raising ambiguous match error.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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