Create JSON string from the Dataset in C# and VB.Net

In this post I am describing a example by which you can create the JSON string from the datatable object. After creating the JSON from the datatable, You can use it on the client side through the JavaScript. Continue reading “Create JSON string from the Dataset in C# and VB.Net”

How to Create System Restore Point from

System Restore Point is a very useful feature of Windows Operation System. This is basically used when we got some issue with OS because of any new installation. By the help of this feature we can easily restored our OS with any previous date when this point was created (but we will lost all data which we save or installed after restored point date so be careful about it). Continue reading “How to Create System Restore Point from”

Render <, >, and & characters in Web Browser in Visual Basic

Some time When you need to use some characters as text like <,> and & in your web page, browsers understand these characters as the part of the html tags and they rendered incorrectly these characters unless characters are escaped as <, >, and & respectively.

This scenario is same in Web browser control in .net. Web browser also rendered these characters incorrectly.
See the following string:

Dim RenderString as String="Welcome to <Authorcode>"

For the correct rendering of above string, we need to encode this string. You can encode this string with the help of System.Web.Server.HtmlEncode() method.

Dim RenderString as String="Welcome to <Authorcode>"
Dim EncodedString As String = Server.HtmlEncode(RenderString )

Server.HtmlEncode() method requires to import the System.Web assembly so add the reference this dll in your project.