Setting in Windows Phone to save your photos to the skydrive automatically

In Windows phone you have a choice to save your photos to skydrive automatically, except this you can also choice to save photos at full or less resolution. Means you can choose only Good quality photos that will have some smaller size so that you can have more control on your mobile data.

To automatically save photos and videos to SkyDrive you can follow the steps as shown below:

1. In the Application list, tap Photos.
2. Tap More icon, then tap Settings.
3. Under Auto upload, tap SkyDrive.
4. Under Photos or Videos, their are three option in each section(Photos and Videos)
a. Don’t upload
b. Good quality(may use the data plans)
c. Best quality(needs wifi)

Select one on them.

photos and videos save to skydrive

If you choose the ‘Best quality’,then will save photos to skydrive that are 10 megapixels or smaller and this need wifi connection. So if you have the mobile data plan then you can avoid ‘Best quality’ option. You can select the Good Quality instead of Best quality.

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