MS Outlook Calendar keyboard shortcuts


Following list describes keyboard shortcuts used to Microsoft outlook Calendar.

Alt+0Show 10 days in the calendar.
Alt+1Show 1 day in the calendar.
Alt+2Show 2 day in the calendar.
Alt+3Show 3 day in the calendar.
Alt+4Show 4 day in the calendar.
Alt+5Show 5 day in the calendar.
Alt+6Show 6 day in the calendar.
Alt+7Show 7 day in the calendar.
Alt+8Show 8 day in the calendar.
Alt+9Show 9 day in the calendar.
CTRL+NCreate a new appointment (when in Calendar).
CTRL+SHIFT+ACreate a new appointment (in any Outlook view).
CTRL+SHIFT+QCreate a new meeting request
CTRL+FForward an appointment or meeting.
CTRL+RReply to a meeting request with a message
CTRL+SHIFT+RReply All to a meeting request with a message.
CTRL+GGo to a date.
CTRL+RIGHT ARROWGo to the next day.
ALT+DOWN ARROWGo to the next week.
ALT+PAGE DOWNGo to the next month.
CTRL+LEFT ARROWGo to the previous day.
ALT+UP ARROWGo to the previous week
ALT+PAGE UPGo to the previous month.
ALT+HOMEGo to the start of the week.
ALT+ENDGo to the end of the week.
ALT+MINUS SIGN or CTRL+ALT+3Switch to Full Week view.
CTRL+ALT+2Switch to Work Week view.
CTRL+COMMA or CTRL+SHIFT+COMMAGo to previous appointment.
CTRL+PERIOD or CTRL+SHIFT+PERIODGo to next appointment.
CTRL+COMMA or CTRL+SHIFT+COMMASet up recurrence for an appointment or task.