Writing and reading cookies in ASP.net using c#

A cookie is just a little bit of text which is send by the browser each time with the request for the page. Each time on the machine when browser will make the request to the web page, it will send the existing cookies along with the request too. So this approach helping the Web site or web application remember users and other information such as user’s preferences, shopping cart contents and the user’s session. Continue reading “Writing and reading cookies in ASP.net using c#”

How to create and read cookies in JavaScript

The cookies are the small bit of the text data that can be stored in the user’s browser so that it can be reuse in the next request. Generally web server instruct to write the cookie on the user’ browser. But you can also manipulate the cookies using JavaScript. You can create, delete, modify and read using the Document.cookie property. Continue reading “How to create and read cookies in JavaScript”