Starting with Google Docs

Google docs means Google documents is a free web based application in which documents,spreadsheets and presentations can be created.We can save these documents in different format such as TML,RTF,PDF,TEXT.We can access these documents any where.
Google docs supports ISO standard open document format.We can use this application on all major web browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox,Chrome etc, it also support different type of operating system such as Microsoft Windows,Linux,Apple etc.
Google docs is knows as cloud computing document sharing service. It also provide us 1 GB online storage. This time Google docs support 48 languages.We can also create text and spreadsheet documents in the mobile.

If you are new and want to use Google Docs, follow these steps
• Create Gmail account if you have not.
• Open in any web browser.
• Login with your Gmail ID and Password. After login successfully you can see your personalized interface of Google Docs.
Now, you can start using it to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, forms, drawings, etc.