Reset your Firefox browser – Get rid of unwanted toolbars and extensions


Some time your browser has load of the lot of plugins, extensions and toolbars that lead to slow performance and speed of browsing and some time situation goes to worse and frustrating. That time You can reset default setting of your browser and give up the unwanted plugins and toolbars without losing your saved information such as your saved bookmarks, history, password etc. Obviously these information increase your browsing experience.

So If you’re having problems which you can’t resolve, reset your Firefox to its default state. For it Firefox provide a reset button. Go to your Firefox menu bar and select Help > Troubleshooting information. Click the ‘Reset Firefox’ Button, Reset Firefox popup windows will be display, Confirm your action and then click ‘Done’ button. this is simple steps and now your Firefox have been reset


After reset your Firefox , you still have these information:

2. Browsing history
3. Passwords
4. Cookies
5. Auto-fill information

So next time when you will face the major problem in your Firefox, you can reset your Firefox to its initial state easily.


One thought on “Reset your Firefox browser – Get rid of unwanted toolbars and extensions”

  1. Rest firefox browser is requiring to when your firefox is fully loaded with some unusable add-ons and extensions. By following these steps we can easily remove unwanted extension and reduce space of firefox and also increase speed of firefox.

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