Read Data from XML BY JQUERY

There Is very few simple steps that we need to follow:

(1): Get the XML by jquery get method from specific location.

(2): Jquery Find Method to find specific element from XML.

   <script type="text/javascript">
       $(document).ready(function() {
           $.get('Data.xml', function(d) {
               var data = "";
               var startTag = "<table border='1' id='mainTable'><tbody><tr><td style=\"width: 120px\">Name</td><td style=\"width: 120px\">Link</td></tr>";
               var endTag = "</tbody></table>";
               $(d).find('url').each(function() {
                   var $url = $(this);
                   var link = $url.find('link').text();
                   var name = $url.find('name').text();
                   data += '<tr><td>' + name + '</td>';
                   data += '<td>' + link + '</td></tr>';
               $("#content").html(startTag + data + endTag);

The result will display in Html table format according to tag.See the below screen short:

Author: Pavan

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