Preventing your from junk emails: Safe senders

This is the part of the article series ‘preventing your from junk emails’. In this entry we will discuss about the Safe senders. Safe senders are are the email accounts who is allowed to send you email. E-mails from safe senders will not be sent to the junk email folder of your email account.

know whether sender is in your safe list or not.

You can follow these steps to see your safe list:
1. Click on Gear icon on the right top corner of your
2. Click on the ‘More Email setting’.
3. Go to the ‘Preventing junk email’ section.
4. Click on ‘Safe and blocked senders’.
5. ‘Safe and blocked senders’ page will be display. Click on the ‘Safe senders’.

safe senders in outlook

Figure. 1

Now you can check that the specified domain or e-mail address is in this list or not(see the figure 1).

Add domain name or specific address to safe list
From this setting page(figure 1), you can add the whole domain or specific e-mail address to safe senders list. You can also remove the address from this list.