New Google campaign in India to make simplify the web.

Google launched the new campaign to help simplify the Web for Indian users. “The objective of the campaign is to help simplify the Web for Indian users, showing how they can get instant answers to their most common queries,” Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google India, said.

Google Search

Last year Google started the power Google search program to make Google’s search expertise. He also said : “Whether it is to find out about the weather, checking flight status, or even looking for a restaurant for dinner date, Google Search can give users instant answers to these common queries in the form of information cards that appear above search results.

India is growing country and According to one report the number of Internet users in India is expected to nearly triple from 125 million in 2011 to 330 million by 2016. Overall Google wants to make easy to get the answer of the queries of the first time internet users.