My Experience with Data Dynamics Active Reports

Some month ago I have developed an accounting system, as we know reporting system is the important part of any accounting application so I had to need to develop an accounting system with complex reporting module. I have searched many reporting tools than I have decided to use data dynamics active reports for .net version in my application. A data dynamics active report 6.0 is the latest version. It is a .net reporting tool used by developers of windows and web application. It was originally developed by Data dynamics which was then acquired by Grapecity. I tell you something about common features:

  • Easy to use design report.
  • It support end user report designer : it provides end-user report designer control for Windows Forms. This allows you to host the report designer in your own Windows Forms applications and allow your end users to create and modify their own reports means you can design report on runtime and I think it is amazing capability..
  • User can use it as stand-alone report : ActiveReports allows you to use VB.NET or C# script to port your custom logic to report layouts. This permits layouts saved to report XML (RPX) files to serve as stand-alone reports.
  • Support various controls as well as .net framework controls as custom control
  • Provides Silverlight Report Viewer for reporting in Microsoft Silverlight
  • Allows Subreports and Grouping.
  • Export to a wide range of document formats such as pdf, xls,txt.csv,rtf ….
  • for more information you can go :

    One more thing that It provides great code behind capability, during application development I found that it is more suitable than crystal reporting where we need more flexibility. that time I read something about end user designer so currently I am making an windows application that use Active report’s end user report designer and I found that it is amazing right now I have capable to include vb script as code behind and I am able to use report file in any windows application.

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    1. Our teams have used AR for years and it’s worked quite well, until recently when we needed the RTF export to support some basic MS Word 2007+ formatting (images, text background colors, lines, etc.). The export to PDF was simple; exporting to RTF for MS Word has been a nightmare.
      We’re now looking for alternative reporting tools (Telerik, DevExpress, etc.) or perhaps getting Open XML and using within our reporting framework.
      Very disappointed – If they supported MS Word it would be a decent reporting solution.

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