Making a Custom YouTube Video Player JQUERY

This is a demo for YouTube API tutorial, in which we show you how to use YouTube’s APIs, to create a custom CSS player for YouTube videos in a form of a jQuery plugin. Embedding videos in your website has never been easier. Just run the following code:

// Or:
	video			: '',
	width			: 600, 		// Height is calculated automatically
	progressBar	: false		// Hide the progress bar

Changing the play/pause buttons or the progress bar is as easy as changing a couple of CSS values.

At a time user can show multiple player with different videos.Please review below code

		return false;

For change the video player height then open youTubeEmbed-jquery-1.0.js file then you find the tag width for re-size the video

		// Default values
		var def = {
			width		: 440,
			progressBar	: true

Author: Pavan

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