Learn CSS3 on the MSDN

CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) is used for look and formatting of the web page written in markup language. I have collecting some important links on MSDN library for learning the CSS label 3.

Learn CSS3 on the MSDN(Internet Explorer 10)

MSDN describe the three basic steps to learn the animation using the CSS3.

Backgrounds and borders
In this section you can see about the how to use the background-color, background-image, background-repeat, background-attachment and background-position of the elements.

Border images
Using the border-image property, you can specify your own images for borders as an alternative to traditional border styles

Read and see the implementation of the various font properties, @font-face Rule and the Web Font Formats.

How to create a flex container and apply display to an element with flex or inline-flex:

How to apply linear-gradient and radial-gradient colors to the background image.



Text shadows
The text-shadow property is used for to show the shadow effect to the specified text.