Increase your Search Experience by Knowledge Graph

Knowledge Graph is the next step of the Google to increase search experience on the web. Google Create a database that contains about 5oo million places, peoples, landmarks, and many things to give the more accurate results.
Now you can see the summery of the one of the best search result on the right side of the search page. So user can able to get the result with better accuracy and the addition information related to search term.

Suppose if you Search the Indian Cricketer Sachin, Google will now show the some information of the sachin and also suggest us about some other popular cricketer such as Ricky ponting, Rahul dravid etc. And also suggest another result related to an Actor whose name is also Sachin. And user can get result by clicking on any of these suggestions instantly.

Knowledge Graph is also helpful when you just want to know about any famous person, city, landmark, building or any popular object. in this case you don’t need to click on any search result, you can get the some information from the summery of the object provided by Knowledge graph such as if you just want to know who is the Albert Einstein, and you enter the ‘Albert Einstein’ in the search box. then you can get the short information about Albert Einstein instantly.

Reliability of Data
Amit Singhal says on the Goole blog that Google’s Knowledge Graph isn’t just rooted in public sources such as Freebase, Wikipedia and the CIA World Factbook. It’s also augmented at a much larger scale—because we’re focused on comprehensive breadth and depth. It currently contains more than 500 million objects, as well as more than 3.5 billion facts about and relationships between these different objects. And it’s tuned based on what people search for, and what we find out on the web.

I think this feature will enable us to make search more intelligent and save our time.