How to set up Out of office reply in outlook 2010

If you are going to vacation and will not be able to attend your mails than you can set up a out of office message in your outlook that will automatically reply to anyone who emails you. In this article i will explain you about how to create a Rule in outlook for sending the auto response.

For better understanding i am dividing all task in two steps:

First Create outlook template for Out of office message template:

1. Create a new message and enter the subject and body of your message.
2. Save this message as Outlook Template(You can select Outlook Template in the Save As Type dropdown list)
3. Click Save.

And then Create a Rule:

1. Click the Home tab and click Rules in the Move group. Then, click Manage Rules & Alerts. if you are using other outlook version, select from the Tools menu, choose Rules and Alerts.

2. Click New Rule and then click Start From a Blank Rule.

3.Check Where My Name Is In The To Box, and click Next. Leaving all the conditional options unchecked will allow Outlook to respond to all incoming mail.

4. select ‘Reply Using A Specific Template‘ in the Select Actions section.
See the Step2:Edit the Rule Description section. Click A Specific Template and then select User Templates In File System
Select the template you created above and click Open and then click Next.

5. Check Except If It Is An Out Of Office Message in the Select Exception(s) section and click Next.
Give the filter a name, click Finish, and then OK.

you can enable or disable this rule when ever you want.

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