How to See the stored cookies in your Chrome browser

From the last several days I am studying the Google chrome white papers for the managing HTML5 off-line local storage. In the documentation I have discovered some interesting things for my self that may be very useful for the developers such as to see the details of cookies or when you are trying to save the data on the local storage.

Several time – during the testing, developers need to clear the cookies from the chrome so that he can test again. You don’t need to clear all storage from the chrome. You can just delete the data for the specific site.

1. Enter chrome://settings/cookies in the address bar of your chrome browser.
2. Search for your app.
3. Select your app.

site data and local storage in chrome

You can also go to this page by following steps:

1. Go to the ‘Setting‘. Click on ‘Show advanced settings‘.
2. In the privacy section, click on the ‘content settings..‘ button.
3. Click on the All cookies and site data….

This page covers cookies, local storage, IndexedDB, WebSQL, and AppCache. You can use the search field in the upper right ‘Search cookies’ to see the all cookies for the entered domain name. You can remove the particular cookie of the specific domain by using the ‘Remove’ button (see the above).