How to remove duplicate items from listbox in .net

Many times when we bind our controls from a non primary column of table then it may be a case that we got the duplicate records in our dataset. There is no sense to bind duplicate records without any identity value in any control.

With the help of the following function you can easily remove duplicate items from your Listbox control.


Private Sub RepoveDuplicate()
        For Row As Int16 = 0 To MyListBox.Items.Count - 2
            For RowAgain As Int16 = MyListBox.Items.Count - 1 To Row + 1 Step -1
                If MyListBox.Items(Row).ToString = MyListBox.Items(RowAgain).ToString Then
                End If
    End Sub


private void RepoveDuplicate()
	for (Int16 Row = 0; Row <= MyListBox.Items.Count - 2; Row++) {
		for (Int16 RowAgain = MyListBox.Items.Count - 1; RowAgain >= Row + 1; RowAgain += -1) {
			if (MyListBox.Items(Row).ToString == MyListBox.Items(RowAgain).ToString) {

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One thought on “How to remove duplicate items from listbox in .net”

  1. above code snippet is only for removing already existing items.
    I want to avoid duplicate records at the time of binding items to listbox at runtime…

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