How to populate a ListBox Control with an Array of Strings in C# and

List box control contains list of items and we can select one or more items from the listbox.
following example adds an array of strings to a ListBox control.


this example requires Windiws form that contains Listbox control named Listbox1.
following methods bind Listbox with the listbox items from Array of strings.


  Private Sub BindListBox()
        Dim ArrTempList As String() = New String(4) {}
        ArrTempList(0) = "Delhi"
        ArrTempList(1) = "Newyork"
        ArrTempList(2) = "Tokyo"
        ArrTempList(3) = "Paris"
        ArrTempList(4) = "London"
    End Sub


private void BindListBox()
	string[] ArrTempList = new string[5];
	ArrTempList[0] = "Delhi";
	ArrTempList[1] = "Newyork";
	ArrTempList[2] = "Tokyo";
	ArrTempList[3] = "Paris";
	ArrTempList[4] = "London";