How to create Splash screen in your windows application in .net

A splash screen is an image or screen that appears while your application or program is loading. It may also be used to describe an short introduction page of application that can contains version number, application title etc.

The following are the steps, with the help of you can create a attractive splash screen for your application in .Net.

1. Add a new windows form in your project(right click on your project, from ‘Add’ option click on Windows form) with name frmSplash.

2. Re size your newly added windows form(frmSpalsh) as you want.

3. go to Properties windows set these properties of the frmSpalsh

  1. Set the FormBorderStyle to ‘FixedSingle
  2. Set the controlBox to False
  3. Set the ‘ShowInTaskbar to False
  4. Set the StartPosition to CenterScreen
  5. Set the Text to Blank

4. Add TableLayout control on frmSpalsh and set its Dock property to Full.

5. you can set the any logo or image with the help of its backgroundImage property and set BackgroundImageLayout property to Stretch , see this:

6. Add TableLayoutPanel and label control in TableLayout control for place your Application title, version ,company or copyright information , you can set the font, forecolor of the label as per your choice.

7. Final step: open your project properties (In the solution explorer window, right click on your project, select ‘Properties‘) and set the SplashScreen from the dropdown , see image.

Now every time when your application will start, splash screen will show first.