How to create an Outlook contact in VB .NET

If you want to create an outlook contact item from then you can use this code sample.
For it you need to Add a reference to the Microsoft Outlook Object Library and then you can use the code sample


Private Sub CreateOutlookContact()
        ' Create an Outlook application.
        Dim outApplication As Outlook.Application = New Outlook.Application()
        ' Get the namespace and the logon.
        Dim outNamSpace As Outlook.NameSpace = outApplication.GetNamespace("MAPI")
        ' Create a new contact item.
        Dim NewContact As Outlook.ContactItem = outApplication.CreateItem(Outlook.OlItemType.olContactItem)
        ' Set some common properties.
        NewContact.FirstName = "Author"
        NewContact.FullName = "Author Code"
        NewContact.Title = "Client"
        NewContact.Birthday = Convert.ToDateTime("5/4/1969")
        NewContact.CompanyName = "AuthorCode"
        NewContact.Department = "Development"
        NewContact.Body = "Sample"
        NewContact.FileAs = "Authorcode"
        NewContact.Email1Address = ""
        NewContact.Email2Address = ""
        NewContact.MailingAddress = "NewDelhi India"
        NewContact.Subject = "Contact crated from"
        NewContact.JobTitle = "Engineer"
        outApplication = Nothing
        outNamSpace = Nothing
        NewContact = Nothing
    End Sub

with the help of above code you can create an outlook contact easily. after creating contact you can see this contact in outlook.