How to connect public folder server in exchange server 2010

The following walk-through explains the all steps about how to connect the Public Folder Server in the Public Folder Management Console.
You have necessary Organization Management and Server Management permissions to perform this procedure. See this for what permissions you need.


Step1. First verify that you have existing public folder database or not, you can verify this from Exchange management Console. If you have not then you need to create Public Folder Database first. You can see in the below image.
For create new Public Folder Database, Click on the ‘New Public Folder Database…’ in the actions pane.
create public mail server in exchange server 2010

Step2. After step1, select the Toolbox from the tree, select ‘Public Folder Management Console’ click on the ‘Open Tool’ in the Actions pane.
public folder management console
The Public Folder Management Console allows you to manage public folders on one server at a time.
a) In console tree of the Public Folder Management Console, click the top node.
b) Click Connect to Server in the action pane.
c) Connect to server window will be display, click Browse to view a list of the available Mailbox servers that contain a public folder database.
d) Select Public Folder Servers window will be display, select a Mailbox server.
e) Click OK to close Select Public Folder Servers.
select public mail server
f) Click Connect.