Get Sql Database Restore Progress by SQL

Some time when we Restore a large SQL backup file it takes a long time and SQL Popup window not show the actual progress of database restore process.

But we can find out it by the following SQL query.

pro.PERCENT_COMPLETE AS [%Complete],
pro.TOTAL_ELAPSED_TIME/60000 AS Total_Elapsed_Time_in_Min,
pro.ESTIMATED_COMPLETION_TIME/60000 AS Total_Time_Remaining_in_Min,
pro.TOTAL_ELAPSED_TIME*0.00000024 AS Toatl_Elapsed_Time_in_Hours,
AS Total_Time_Remaining_in_Hours,
stext.text AS Command_Text
FROM sys.dm_exec_requests pro
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_exec_sql_text(pro.sql_handle)AS stext
ORDER   BY Total_Elapsed_Time_in_Min DESC, 
Total_Time_Remaining_in_Min DESC

Following is the output which I got when I tried to restore more that 10 GB backup file

Backup Restore Elapsed Time
Picture 1.1: Backup Restore Elapsed Time

How to consider the above output
— First column “%Complete” will show you the actual process of your restore progress
— Second column with show you the Total Process time
— Third column will show you Total remaining time to complete this restore process.


Author: Ankur

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