Experience with LeadTool component

In recent days I have developed Document Management system. In this application user can manage various type documents including txt, rtf pdf, bmp, tiff and many others file format documents, so there were need  to edit document with rotating, cropping, color image processing functionalities, converting  document in various file formats and many other functionality like image loading in application, compressing, image display, scanning image etc.

I need a powerful tool, then I used Leadtools document imaging developer toolkit, it is very easy for implementing in windows application. This toolkit is also available as WCF services and WF activities. In last I have implemented all these functionalities in application successfully.

Before using this tool I checked many third party components but no one can match for my application’s requirements. Finally I tried leadtool 16.5. But after some time we faced a new problem regarding showing word documents in the application means we need to open word document under our application and Leadtools 16.5 does not support word file….

So i found a new idea for showing content of word file in our application. According to this new idea first we convert word document in rtf format with the help of word interop library and then show this rtf file in leadtool control. But it has some own limitations such as format etc. I contact to lead tools support for showing word files and they said that leadtool 16.5 does not support word file but lead tool 17 supports .docx and .doc format. This is great to hear this

 One more thing about it that it can able to convert text file into various image format however it is slow for opening text file but this is not an big issue overall and this is awesome for me.

Now I have completed document management application with lead tools 16.5 successfully.

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