Difference Between Dll and EXE

The following are the characteristics of the DLL(Dynamic link library).
1)it is not self executable
2)it runs in application process memory
3)it has no entry point
4)it is reusable
5)Out Process Server
The following are the characteristics of the EXE( Executable)
1)it is self executable
2)it runs in own memory
3)it have main function(Entry point)
4)it is self executable
5) In Process Server

In process server:A library (DLL) running in the same process space as the client, for example, an ActiveX control embedded in a Web page viewed under Internet Explorer or Netscape. Here, the ActiveX control is downloaded to the client machine and invoked within the same process as the Web browser.The client communicates with the in-process server using direct calls to the COM interface.
Out process server:Another application (EXE) running in a different process space but on the same machine as the client. For example, an Excel spreadsheet embedded in a Word document are two separate applications running on the same machine.The local server uses COM to communicate with the client.

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