Day 2 – Create Android Virtual Device(AVD)

We have setup Android development environment,see Day 1 – Create development environment for Android and now our next step is to create a first android program.
Before creating android application we need a device to test the application. So we can use virtual mobile device that runs on your computer and for it we must create an Android Virtual Device (AVD). The emulator enables us to develop and test Android applications without using a physical device. An AVD defines the system image and device settings used by the Android emulator.

How to create an AVD:

1. Run Eclipse, select AVD Manager from ‘window’ menu
2. Click New button
3. The Create New Android Virtual Device(AVD) window dialog appears.

4. Enter the name of the AVD.
5. Select a target from the drop down.
The target is the Android platform you want to run on the emulator. dropdown shows installed plateform.
(we have installed Android 4.0 plateform(see Day 1 – Create development environment for Android) so the dropdown show only this platform. select this)
6. Click Create AVD.

After creating AVD successfully. you can see the emulator. you can see your created Emulator by following steps:
1. click on Start.
2. Launch option pop up windows displays.

3. click on Launch.
and now you will be able to see the your Android Emulator.