Create Android Applcation with DroidDraw

Several month ago I started learning the Android development with Eclipse.Google also recommend the Eclipse IDE for android development. I have created several android application with Eclipse. Today my friend suggest me another tool for Android development – DroidDraw.

DroidDraw tool for android development

Droid Draw is also a Graphical User Interface builder for developing Android application and my favorite feature of the DroidDraw is its designer window for designing the application’s user interface just like Visual studio designer.

DroidDraw tool for android development
When developer creating any Android application, the most important part to write the XML layout for UI but DroidDraw provides the powerful graphical layout editor from where user can drag and drop various object on the application’s UI and you can easily control the object’s properties from the property windows same as you can set the properties of the control in Visual Studio.
Property window in DroidDraw tool
DroidDraw is a free and open source application.

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