Conversion between Hexadecimal Strings and Numeric Types in C#

Following exmaples show conversion between hexadecimal strings and numeric types such as interger.float etc.

Find hexadecimal value of each character in a string:

string str = "Author Code";
char[] strArray = str.ToCharArray();
foreach (char Word in strArray)
       int numVal= Convert.ToInt32(Word);
       string hexaVal = String.Format("{0:X}", numVal);
       MessageBox.Show("hexadecimal value of " + Word + " is " + hexaVal);

Make a string from hexadecimal values.

string hexaValues = "41 75 74 68 6F 72 20 43 6F 64";
string[] hexValuesArray = hexaValues.Split(' ');
string str="";
foreach (String hexaVal in hexValuesArray)
      int numVal = Convert.ToInt32(hexaVal, 16);
      string stringValue = Char.ConvertFromUtf32(numVal);
      char charValue = (char)numVal;
       str += charValue;

Convert a hexadecimal string to an integer

string strHexa = "6F";
int numVal = Int32.Parse(strHexa, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.HexNumber);
MessageBox.Show(numVal )

Convert a hexadecimal string to a float

 string strHexa = "4560160";
uint numVal = uint.Parse(strHexa, System.Globalization.NumberStyles.AllowHexSpecifier);
byte[] floatValArr = BitConverter.GetBytes(numVal);
float floatVal = BitConverter.ToSingle(floatValArr, 0);

Convert a decimal to hexadecimal string

int i = 7121;
string hexValue = i.ToString("X");

3 thoughts on “Conversion between Hexadecimal Strings and Numeric Types in C#”

  1. Hi
    When I use this article code for convert 7121 to hex, I get 37313231.
    But when I use an online convertor then I get “1BD1” for 7121.
    What is this Difference ?

  2. Hi Sina

    all above code is only for String conversion.

    when you convert 7121 to hexadecimal, code assume this number as “7121” string, and convert it to hexadecimal number that is =37313231(it is correct).


    I think you have a integer value 7121, Then you can convert it to hexa decimal as:

    int i = 7121;
    string hexValue = i.ToString(“X”);

  3. You right.
    When I convert a value to hex, I must point to my value type.
    For integer type we can use Conversion.Hex(). But for string type, We must use a function like yours.
    Important thing is that string to hex is so different with integer.

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