How to See the stored cookies in your Chrome browser

From the last several days I am studying the Google chrome white papers for the managing HTML5 off-line local storage. In the documentation I have discovered some interesting things for my self that may be very useful for the developers such as to see the details of cookies or when you are trying to save the data on the local storage. Continue reading “How to See the stored cookies in your Chrome browser”

Wi-fi and its uses

Wifi is the technology that provides the way to connect the network of the other devices or internet wirelessly. Basically Wi-fi term defines the Wireless local area network, short form is WLAN that based on the IEEE 802.11 standards(Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Today Wifi is the popular technology to exchange the data over the network, most of devices has the inbuilt wifi technology. Continue reading “Wi-fi and its uses”

Setting in Windows Phone to save your photos to the skydrive automatically

In Windows phone you have a choice to save your photos to skydrive automatically, except this you can also choice to save photos at full or less resolution. Means you can choose only Good quality photos that will have some smaller size so that you can have more control on your mobile data.

To automatically save photos and videos to SkyDrive you can follow the steps as shown below:

1. In the Application list, tap Photos.
2. Tap More icon, then tap Settings.
3. Under Auto upload, tap SkyDrive.
4. Under Photos or Videos, their are three option in each section(Photos and Videos)
a. Don’t upload
b. Good quality(may use the data plans)
c. Best quality(needs wifi)

Select one on them.

photos and videos save to skydrive

If you choose the ‘Best quality’,then will save photos to skydrive that are 10 megapixels or smaller and this need wifi connection. So if you have the mobile data plan then you can avoid ‘Best quality’ option. You can select the Good Quality instead of Best quality.

Preventing your from junk emails: Safe senders

This is the part of the article series ‘preventing your from junk emails’. In this entry we will discuss about the Safe senders. Safe senders are are the email accounts who is allowed to send you email. E-mails from safe senders will not be sent to the junk email folder of your email account. Continue reading “Preventing your from junk emails: Safe senders”

Create filter from the Gmail-search box in your Gmail

Google frequently updates its products to make easy to use and simple interface so that user can perform various task without going the numbers of steps. Here i am explaining a task in G-mail to create filter from the search box. When user search the mails with some criteria then he can create a new filter at the same time. Continue reading “Create filter from the Gmail-search box in your Gmail”

Firefox’s security feature: ‘Tell sites not to track me’ for your Android device


Firefox introduce a new privacy feature as ‘Tell sites not to track me’ for Android’s users.
If you enable this feature on the Firefox browser on Android device, Firefox browser tells to every site you visit that you don’t want to your browsing information tracked. Continue reading “Firefox’s security feature: ‘Tell sites not to track me’ for your Android device”

Weebly – free domain, free hosting service: Review and features

Weebly features

Weebly is the one of the popular free web-hosts like WordPress or Google Blogger. Over the 12 million users uses Weebly. I have been using WordPress for blogging from last six years and frequently I am searching these types of the web applications and services. This time i am talking about the Weebly. Continue reading “Weebly – free domain, free hosting service: Review and features”