Bind fonts by name with their font style in the ListView in c# and

In this article we create a function in c# language that bind all system’s fonts in a Listview control, with the fonts displayed by name in that format. you can see below picture.

This code sample requires a Listview control named ‘ListView1’ on the windows form.

C# Code

private void BindListView()
	FontFamily objFontFamily = default(FontFamily);
	System.Drawing.Text.FontCollection objFontCollection = null;
	Font tempFont = default(Font);
	objFontCollection = new System.Drawing.Text.InstalledFontCollection();
	foreach ( objFontFamily in objFontCollection.Families) {
		if (objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Regular)) {
			tempFont = new Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Regular);
		} else if (objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Bold)) {
			tempFont = new Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Bold);
		} else if (objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Italic)) {
			tempFont = new Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Italic);
		ListViewItem lst = new ListViewItem();
		lst.Font = tempFont;
		lst.Text = tempFont.FontFamily.Name;

VB.Net code

   Private Sub BindListView()
        Dim objFontFamily As FontFamily
        Dim objFontCollection As System.Drawing.Text.FontCollection
        Dim tempFont As Font
        objFontCollection = New System.Drawing.Text.InstalledFontCollection()
        For Each objFontFamily In objFontCollection.Families
            If objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Regular) Then
                tempFont = New Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Regular)
            ElseIf objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Bold) Then
                tempFont = New Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Bold)
            ElseIf objFontFamily.IsStyleAvailable(FontStyle.Italic) Then
                tempFont = New Font(objFontFamily, 14, FontStyle.Italic)
            End If
            Dim lst As New ListViewItem
            lst.Font = tempFont
            lst.Text = tempFont.FontFamily.Name
    End Sub

you can see that we get all system fonts by using InstalledFontCollection() method in System.Drawing.Text. This returns a System.Drawing.Text.FontCollection object. and then we find each fontfamily from FontCollection object.

Bind only available font names in the listbox

Following example code shows how to get all installed font families in The example requires a ListBox control named ListBox1 on your windows form.

Imports System.Drawing.Text
Private Sub BindFontsInList()
        Dim objFontCollection As New InstalledFontCollection
        ' Get An Array Of The System's Font Familiies.
        Dim objFontFamily() As FontFamily = objFontCollection.Families()
        ' Display The Font Families.
        For Each Font As FontFamily In objFontFamily
End Sub