Array in JavaScript

In javaScript array is the object that is capable of storing a sequence of values. These values are stored in indexed locations within the array. Number of elements in Array is called by length of array.

An array must be declare before it is used
We can declare Array in javascript like as:

ArrayName = new array(length)
ArrayName = new Array()

In first declaration array size is explicitly specified. This array will help pre-determined set of values.
In second declaration array is the size of 0.

One is important thing is here that JavaScript automatically extends the length of any array when new array elements are initialized. For example:

Arr_City = new Array()
Arr_City[5] = “NewDelhi”
Arr_City[10] = “London”

in above example, it will extend the size of the array Arr_City to 6 and initialized Arr_City[5]. When javaScript encounters the reference to city[10] it will extend the size of the array Arr_City to 11 and initialized Arr_City[10].

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