Android 4.1 jelly bean – Google’s new punch

Googel's Android 4.1 jelly bean

Google introduces the latest version of the Android operating system called jelly bean. I am always excited on the every update of the Android.
In Google’s Android 4.1, you can find these things:

Improved Widget Management Now you can easily personalize your home screen. If widgets are too big in size, widgets will resize automatically.
Android notification will now be interactive and expanded to show additional information, access features with image preview. Notifications from the same application are grouped together, you can expand and collapse together.
Offline Voice typing. With the new embedded speech recognizer, you can use Voice Typing even when you don’t have an Internet connection.
Improved native ICS camera and gallery application as well.
Project Butter – which uses vsync timing and triple buffering to make the touch responsiveness.
You can quickly perform a voice search to get search information.
Face Unlock is now faster and more accurate, and startup is smoother with a new animation.

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