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web application
web application

I spend a lot of my time in Windows Application development, so i was not fluent in web applications or Websites. Obviously JavaScript is the fear for me until I started my first web application ten months ago. And in these months I have learned a lot of features of the JavaScript and found this is not difficult and working in web application is just like a reading an adventure book. I have every time heard that web application is so hard to develop in compare of windows application and if someone asked me about the calendar implementation in the application I have suggested the calendar control, always I get the same answer- hey! I am taking about web not your simple windows application.

So I have decided to explore the things what we can do and what we cannot do in web? Don’t’ worry i ‘m not taking about that i have focused on the comparison between windows and web application – just want to exploring the problems of the web.

And really I have got the answer- both web and windows are the same obviously I am not talking about the syntax, core concepts and work behavior of the both but as a developer I want to say that web application are so powerful like windows application. You have the powerful JavaScript and css features with Web Application.

Web Applications

Web applications are the applications for the network such as internet and intranet that can access by any browser software. First you need to understand the basic and rough idea about the web application, for it you should use the content source like Wikipedia not MSDN because firstly user need to know that what is the web application and how it works not how to develop (of course MSDN is the rich source of the quality content but it is on the second step).
Consider the term ‘what is web application’ and then read these articles on Wikipedia and MSDN respectfully:


You can get the clear idea about the ‘what is web application’ in above first article. And then you can follow the second article on MSDN.

Web application framework

There are many notable languages for the web applications – Java, PHP, python, Ruby and .Net programming languages etc. It’s totally depends on you that which will you use. In my case I have selected .net framework.


The Power of JavaScript

JavaScript is the one of three bases including HTML and css. JavaScript is an interpreted computer programming language. It was originally implemented as part of web browsers so that client-side scripts may interact with the user and control the browser. So it is need to learn the basic concept of this language.
I have discovered the good tutorial for learning JavaScript on Mozilla developer and MSDN.


During go through the above tutorials, you can implement the examples of the tutorials in your web page and also try to find that how it works.

The Concept of CSS

The Magic of F12

At The End
With the advent of HTML5, programmers can create richly interactive environments natively within browsers. Included in the list of new features are native audio, video and animations, as well as improved error handling