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Download the Windows 8 Developer Preview Guide in pdf and xps

If you want to know learn some new features for developers, consumers, and businesses in Windows 8 then you can download developer preview guide for Windows 8. Microsoft provides developer preview guide for windows 8 in pdf and xps format.The Windows 8 Developer Preview Guide provides a detailed look at the many new and improved features in Windows 8.

It provides an overview of the many exciting features in Windows 8 and pointers to more information. you can download from here:
Download the Windows Developer Preview Guide

If you want to use pdf format then you need to install Adove reader if you have not other wise you will need to install the reader (included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista).

Features of windows 8


Everyone wants to know about Windows 8 (the next version of windows). We know that a window 7 is the best operating system with some fundamental features like speed, reliability, compatibility and Security, and Windows 8 extends these fundamental features.

Following are the some very exciting features of Windows 8 see these:

Great Support a broad range of devices

Windows 8 includes new built-in drivers that support a broad range of devices, including printers, sensors, touch-input devices, and displays.

Improves network connectivity

Today there are many applications that need internet connection. Windows automatically switches to the network connection with the best quality and enables your applications. Windows 8 also improves mobile network connectivity by making it easier to use Wi-Fi hotspots as an alternative to mobile broadband connections

Touch keyboard

Windows 8 has two touch keyboards for ultimate mobility and flexibility. An improved, full-sized touch keyboard with larger buttons and a unique thumb keyboard make it easy to use your computer. The touch keyboard in Windows 8 includes several features to speed up your typing and make it more accurate.

Touch screen Keyboard

Multi-monitor options

Using multiple monitors is more flexible then now. Windows 8 allows us to display the Start screen on one monitor and the desktop on the other. Display different desktop backgrounds on each monitor or stretch your image across both. There are also options to have duplicate or unique task bars on each monitor.

Multi-Monitor Support




How to change your computer name in windows 7

Every computer has some name and this become very important when Computers on a network need unique names so they can communicate with each other.
Following are the steps for change the computer name.
1. Click to open System.
2. See ‘Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings’, click Change settingsOn the Computer Name tab, click Change.
3. Under Computer name, delete the old computer name, type a new computer name, and then click OK.

Read before proceed

• Some Internet service providers (ISPs) require you to use a specific computer name so they can identify your computer and validate your account. If your ISP requires a specific computer name, don’t change the name they give you.
• We recommend that you use only Internet-standard characters in the computer name. The standard characters are the numbers 0 through 9, uppercase and lowercase letters from A through Z, and the hyphen (-) character. Computer names can’t consist entirely of numbers, nor can they contain spaces. The name also can’t contain special characters, such as the following:< > ; : ” * + = \ | ? ,