Print documents from anywhere using Google cloud print tool

Sometime ago,someone told me that he has a printer attached with his personal computer with same broadband connection and he want to print a documents from anywhere, Actually he was talking about remote printing. Remote printing provides a way to send a print job from anywhere. There are several tools and software on the internet but some are paid services or some has not good performance. So i suggest him to use Google cloud print and for it he just need only a Google account.
You can also use the Google cloud print service. see the steps:
– Login in Chrome browser with your Google account.
– Go to Setting, click on Show advanced setting…
– Scroll down the page and go to Google cloud print.
– click on Add printers.( all of the printers connected to the computer will be add to the Google Cloud Print for your Google account).

– Now You can access these computer’s printers from anywhere.