[Interview Quiz] What is the limitations of the Ajax in ASP.Net

The Answer of this question also covers the following:
– What are the disadvantages of the Ajax?
– What are the cons of the using Ajax in ASP.Net web application?
– Can Ajax break the security?
– In What circumstance, Ajax will not work?

Just the Answer

No Browser history

Ajax requests does not automatically register themselves with the browser’s history engine so that you can not use the back button to get the previous state of the page. It will render the previous page of current page from where you start the using Ajax or if you refresh the page then entire page will reload.
[But Fortunately HTML5 provides an extensive API standard for working with the browser’s history engine.]

Ajax will not work, if JavaScript is disabled.

It depends on the JavaScipt and there are many users who prefer disabling JavaScript, at this point Ajax is not working on their browser.
[We can develop the non ajax version for the application]

Security issue

Generally Ajax send the data in the clear text so there will be change to hack that data. For this reason, no sensitive data should send and get via HTTP using AJAX.
[We can use the encryption or https when needed.]

From the above it does not mean that you can not do anything for the above points. Now a days AJAX is a very extensive techniques to make the interactive websites, widely used in almost every modern web application including the Google, Facebook and Twitter. For the example we can develop non-ajax version for our application parallelly.

Ajax is rapidly becoming the important part in the web application. No doubt! Ajax can increase the user interaction. You can refresh the portion of the page without reloading the page with postback.