How to start a New WPF Application Project in visual studio 2010

1. Start Visual Studio 2010.
2. Goto File menu, select new New, and then select Project and then The New Project dialog box appears.
3. Expand Visual Basic or Visual C#, and then select Windows In the Installed Templates Pane.
4. Select the WPF Application template, in the middle pane.

5. Select the target framework from the drop-down list.
6. Specify a name for the project in the Name text box
7. Click OK.

project will be display like as

The WPF Designer is very similar to the Windows Forms Designer.  

The WPF Designer has several windows for displaying and editing XAML documents. Such as Design view,XAML view and toolbox etc(you can see in picture).

Design View:  provides a visual design surface for building your WPF controls and applications. It shows a rendered representation of the XAML currently in XAML view.

XAML View: this provides us to edit or create xaml document,design view is the mirror of the xaml view mean you can see all work that is done with xaml in design view.

Toolbox View: very similar to the windows form toolbox.