Have you tried DropBox Web-based file hosting service?

Today I read about a web based hosting service named DropBox, DropBox is the free and paid web based file hosting service that uses cloud storage concept to enable users to store and share files and folders with others across the internet using file synchronization.

DropBox provides 2 GB of free online storage to its users. You can use its paid service also that provide 50 GB, 100GB and 1TB storage. If you are using free service with 2 GB data storage, you can get up to 8GB more Storage with the help of its referral program.

If you want to use DropBox, you need to create an account from the DropBox website and need to install DropBox windows application in your computer. Once you install DropBox on your computer it creates a new folder, you can find this folder in your My Document. Everything in this Dropbox folder automatically syncs to the web and to any other computer with Dropbox installed.You just need to put a file in your Dropbox folder and it will become available on mobile phone, your tablet and on all your other computers. Means you can use these files and folder in any computer after install dropbox application with same account information. You can download and install DropBox application from here .