Download and search 3d objects and scenes on Google Poly

The google poly is the new creation of the Google which provides you to search and download the 3d objects. You can explore the objects in many categories such as animals, architecture, art, nature, food and drinks etc. Continue reading “Download and search 3d objects and scenes on Google Poly”

Headers.prototype.getAll() has been removed from Chrome

Headers.prototype.getAll() function is removed from the Fetch API specification in Chrome. So you should not use this method to return an array of all the values of a header within a Headers object. Continue reading “Headers.prototype.getAll() has been removed from Chrome”

New Google campaign in India to make simplify the web.

Google launched the new campaign to help simplify the Web for Indian users. “The objective of the campaign is to help simplify the Web for Indian users, showing how they can get instant answers to their most common queries,” Sandeep Menon, Director, Marketing, Google India, said. Continue reading “New Google campaign in India to make simplify the web.”

Samsung Galaxy Axiom features and specifications

The new budget phone Galaxy Axiom is not available at U.S. Cellular. The phone Similar has a 4-inch display with 800 x 480 pixel screen, a 1.2 GHz dual-core CPU as well as a 5-megapixel camera on the back and a 1.3 megapixel camera on the front. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Axiom features and specifications”

Twitter error, accidently resets users passwords, confusion among users

Twitter has posted online that it has mistakenly reset’ed the passwords of “a large number of its registered users” of its more than 140 million active users while conducting routine security screening to identify accounts that may have been compromised.

“In instances when we believe an account may have been compromised, we reset the password and send an email letting the account owner know this has happened,”

Twitter said in its blog on Thursday.

“In this case, we unintentionally reset passwords of a larger number of accounts, beyond those that we believed to have been compromised.”

Email from Twitter was also sent to some users early Thursday morning, Eastern Time.

“Twitter believes that your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter. We’ve reset your password to prevent others from accessing your account,”

Microsoft confirms Windows Live Messenger retirement ,will replace it with Skype

Microsoft has finally confirmed that Windows Live Messenger will be put to rest after thirteen years since its founding and will continue with Skype in future.

Microsoft has revealed it will start to discontinue Windows Live Messenger in early part of year 2013. Microsoft will integrate roughly around 100 million Messenger users to Skype as part of the discontinuation process.

We will retire Messenger in all countries worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 (with the exception of mainland China where Messenger will continue to be available)” says Skype’s Tony Bates.

Microsoft is now encouraging users to download the latest version of Skype that supports Microsoft accounts, where users can easily integrate Skype and Windows Live Messenger accounts into a single Microsoft account.

For existing Windows Live Messenger users to access their account, they’ll be required to update their Skype client to version 6.0, and login with their Messenger account information. Company has listed the following benefits of switching from messenger to Skype:

  • Broader device support for all platforms, including iPad and Android tablets
  • Instant messaging, video calling, and calling landlines and mobiles all in one place
  • Sharing screens
  • Video calling on mobile phones
  • Video calling with Facebook friends
  • Group video calling

Company says it will assist users over the coming months to smoothly transition over from Windows Live Messenger.

Samsung Galaxy Note II – Reviews and features

This time Samsung is coming with its new release Galaxy Note II. Samsung Galaxy Note II has the better hardware, big screen, powerful processor and attractive look. Its big screen gives the better user experience. Continue reading “Samsung Galaxy Note II – Reviews and features”

Comparison between LG Optimus G and SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II

The next news is about the LG Optimus G and SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II, both are going to launched. Both are the big-screened phone, however Samsung Galaxy Note II has bigger than LG Optimus G. Continue reading “Comparison between LG Optimus G and SAMSUNG GALAXY Note II”

Swipe Telecom has launched its dual-SIM tablet – Swipe Tab All-in-One – features and specifications

Swipe Telecom has launched its dual-SIM tablet named Swipe Tab All-in-One.

The Tab has a 7-inch TFT LCD capacitive touchscreen with 5-point multi-touch and a resolution of 1028×768 pixels. Continue reading “Swipe Telecom has launched its dual-SIM tablet – Swipe Tab All-in-One – features and specifications”