10 common Interview Questions And Answers in C#

Ques1. What is the Thread?
Ans. A Thread is a the entity within a process that Windows schedules for execution.

Ques2. What is the Reflection?
Ans. Reflection allows us to analyze an assembly’s metadata and it gives us a mechanism to do late binding.

Ques3. Can base constructors can be private?
Ans. Yes

Ques4. What is Polymorphism?
Ans. Polymorphism is the ability to implement the same operation many times. Each derived method implements the operation inherited from the base class in its own way.

Ques5. What is the early and late binding?
Ans. Late binding is using System object instead of explicitly declaring a class(Which is the early binding).

Ques6. Does an object need to be made to run main ?
Ans. No

Ques7. What is the reference parameter?
Ans. Reference parameters references the original object whereas value parameters make a local copy and do not affect the original.

Ques8. Are events synchronous of asynchronous?
Ans. asynchronous

Ques9. Can a struct have methods?
Ans. Yes

Ques10. What is an out parameter?
Ans. An out parameter allows an instance of a parameter object to be made inside a method. Reference parameters must be initialized but out gives a reference to an unsubstantiated object